Volunteer Gets Canned & Offers Recycling Tips

Volunteer Chris Hammond and executive director Kris Fehr spent a Friday afternoon in the rain bagging and transporting cans to Continental Metal.

From our executive director, Kris:

Thanks to one of our most faithful volunteers, Chris Hammond, for volunteering a few hours to clean bags of cans from our recycling bins. Chris joined our executive director, Kris Fehr, in collecting the cans and taking them to Continental Metal. Recycling makes up 5% of Best Friends Mentoring Program’s annual budget, so keep saving your aluminum cans.

Chris says:

  • Please put your cans into bags and put them into one of the recycling bins located in the Wal-Mart parking lot, West River Community Center parking lot, city recycling site off of 13th Avenue West across from Hawks Point and parking lot next to 135 W. Villard St.
  • Please don’t co-mingle anything with your cans–no plastic, cardboard, other trash and no vegetable or animal food cans. Just aluminum cans, please.
  • Please call Best Friends Mentoring (701-483-8615) to volunteer a few hours to help our community and to help a great cause.

Do you have a pickup and a few hours a month that you could help out with recycling? Call Best Friends Mentoring Program to volunteer: 701-483-8615 or email kris@bestfriendsnd.org.

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Somewhere between Match.com & Lifesaving: A Newcomer’s take on mentoring in Dickinson, N.D.

From our new Development Coordinator, Pamela:

Just drove in to Dickinson late on Saturday, August 16, and Toto, we are NOT in Long Beach, CA anymore.  I’m the new Development Coordinator at Best Friends, and I’m just settling in to my new job and new apartment.  If location is everything, I am thankfully centrally located in both.

The temperature is cooler here than in Long Beach, but the people are warmer.  The cost of living is higher, but the weather comes free with your ND welcome package, and weather was something I sorely missed in Long Beach.  Here, you not only have rain, wind and fog, but National Geo-grade cloud formations.

I’m looking forward to my new assignments working with mentors and mentees—and, of course, the fundraising (so dear to my heart).

The introduction to mentoring I’ve gotten at the office has given me insight into the hours of behind-the-scenes effort required to create and nurture good matches that last, matches that really work for both mentors and mentees.  The hours of background checks, interviews, recruitment and training, talking to parents, teachers, school principals and employees—that’s what’s required to run a quality mentoring program.

Stay tuned for more notes from a newcomer’s perspective—

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Give it a Chance: Tips for sending your child to college

From our executive director, Kris:

This is my third — and LAST — time to drop off a child at college, having just moved our son into his third floor dorm room at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks.  My advice to parents of college freshmen is to stay positive to help your child get ready for his new life away from home. Here are some things I did:

  • Point out conveniences: Community showers down the hall? Great! You have a choice of showers and you don’t have moist air in your room. And you probably don’t have to clean the bathrooms, either.
  • Highlight opportunities: Don’t know your roommate? You’ll make new friends.
  • Stay focused and supportive: This is a chance to learn and grow. Take it slow and give it a chance. Let him know you are there for him when he needs to unload. And when he needs to share good news.
Eileen Ogintz  of FoxNews.com offers these tips from her recent firsthand experience:

1. Keep calm! If you are nervous, your child will be nervous too. So what if they hate their roommate on sight.

2. Pre-order from a store like Bed, Bath and Beyond so you can pick it up and pay when you arrive — everything from plastic storage bins to an extra-thick mattress pad for that extra-long twin dorm bed to extra-long sheets for the dorm beds.Target has an entire back-to-college section to guide you.

3. Offer support but no opinions. Parents are not allowed to complain about the money being spent, the time racing from store to store or your child’s attitude.

4. Be prepared with a tool kit, duct tape, first aid kit and sewing kit. You will need all of them before you leave.

5. At all costs, avoid silly arguments with your child.

6. This is not the time for parents — whether divorced or together — to argue among themselves either. Remember, this is about your child.

7. Keep smiling as you wend your way through receptions and sessions on how to “let go,” though all you want to do is take a nap.

8. Don’t be insulted if your child prefers to have dinner with her new roommates rather than with you.

9. Be ready to back off and leave — even if it is earlier than you planned — if your child gives you the signals he doesn’t want you there anymore. (Remember middle school?)

10. Be prepared that your child might not cry when you leave.

(read her article here:  http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2013/08/09/10-tips-to-survive-taking-your-first-child-to-college/)

Last words from Kris: Of course you will miss your student! Let him know you can hardly wait to see him over the long Labor Day weekend, and that you support him going off to school and starting his adult life. (You’ll have plenty of time to cry in the car on your drive home.)

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Slowly Change Kids’ Sleep Schedules So They’re Ready for School

School begins next week so it’s probably time for parents to get  kids ready for the school time routine. Many of us have looser schedules in the summer; however, now is a good time to adjust bed times by slowly making changes so it’s not such a big shock when school begins. One easy way is to roll back bed time by 10 or 15 minutes each night until children are back to their school schedules. When my children were younger, I moved our bedtime routine up 10 minutes: I started by having bath time 10 minutes earlier and reading bedtime stories 10 minutes earlier. Just reverse the process to get them back to waking up at a time that fits your family’s school morning schedule. Waking children 10 minutes earlier each morning to correspond with going to bed 10 to 15 minutes earlier each night will ease the transition. And having some structure should help them adjust quicker to the school structure.

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New Recycling Site Ready

New Eagle Scout David Fehr goes off to college in couple of weeks, but not before he did a good deed for the city of Dickinson and Best Friends Mentoring Program by constructing this new aluminum can recycling bin.

Congratulations and thanks to Eagle Scout David Fehr, Troop 26 and the City of Dickinson, we have a new and very convenient site for aluminum can drop off: Check out the city’s recycling site situated north of the BAC, just off of 13th Avenue West and across the street from Hawks Point.

Construction of the bin is David’s Eagle Project; he worked over two years to organize and build it. Please keep Dickinson clean by collecting aluminum cans, putting them in bags and dropping them off at the new recycling site or in the recycle bins at the Wal-Mart parking lot, the parking lot next to the Best Friends Mentoring Program’s office at 135 W. Villard St., or in the West River Community Center parking lot. The recycler will not accept cat or dog food cans or fruit/vegetable cans, so please save yourself and us the hassle by not putting them into the aluminum can bins.

Recycling is important to our community and to the Best Friends Mentoring Program: Last year, can recycling made up 5% of our mentoring program’s total income! THANKS to everyone who recycles for a good cause, making a positive difference in children, families and our community.

Read more here: www.bestfriendsnd.org/news.html

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Thank You Dickinson

Hello everybody, my name is Jake and I am an intern at the Best Friends Mentoring Program. Unfortunately this is my last week here due to filling out my requirements and taking the next step in my life and graduating from Dickinson State University. I have been in Dickinson for the past 3 years going to school and playing baseball, but now it is time to go home. I have made lots of friends that will last a long time and have gotten to experience another part of the country other than the west coast.  During the last couple of months I have been interning at The Best Friends Mentoring Program, and I have to say it has been a great experience watching people do their best to help others in need. This is probably the first experience that I have had at a job that will help me in future endeavors. This is the best professional knowledge that I have received during my time in Dickinson. I had to make calls, work on various amounts of paperwork, and helped in the biggest fundraisers of the year for the program. From here I have not yet found what I would I like to do as a career, but I believe I will have many options and pursue something that I will hopefully enjoy. With my journey in Dickinson complete I will now move back home to Sacramento, California and join the real world. I will miss my friends, teammates, coworkers, and Dickinson very much. It will be sad to leave this place, but at least I will never have to go through some of the coldest winters ever again. I will like to thank everybody that helped me through my time in Dickinson, it has been a fun journey.

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Recycling Reminder

As a reminder The Best Friends Mentoring Program has many recycling spots around the Dickinson. If you happen to to have any aluminum soda or beer cans, please help support this program by not letting these things go to waste and make sure it goes toward a good cause. As another reminder do NOT put in any trash, bottles, cat food or regular food cans because we are unable to recycle those, and to please tie your bags to make sure that cleanup is as quick and easy as possible to ensure that the bins will never be completely full.

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Want to Help?

There are many people that are less fortunate than most. Why not do something to help others to make something better. A great way to get started is by looking at greatnonprofits.org so you can make a difference.

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We won the Lottery!

It looks like Best Friends Mentoring Program won the lottery; however, it’s the Dickinson Rotary Club’s way of making a BIG DEAL out of a BIG Donation. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank the Rotary Club for its $525 donation to Best Friends Mentoring on July 23, 2014. Pictured are Rotary Club President Mary Massad, left, and Best Friends Executive Director Kris Fehr, who is also a Rotarian.

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School is Coming!

With summer vacation coming to an end and students going back to school it is important to take the time you have and do something productive. Do not waste the days you have left and sit inside, especially with the good weather. Go out and have fun with your friends and family and cherish the moments you have before summer ends.

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