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Fashion magazines make girls feel ugly

Posted by on June 26, 2012

Fashion magazines make girls feel ugly

By Cecilia Gran on May 2, 2012 2:42 PM

I recently watched a video that brought some startling facts about girls and body image into view. After three minutes of leafing through a fashion magazine:

  • 3 out of 4 girls feel depressed, ashamed, and guilty about themselves
  • 48% of young girls want to be as skinny as fashion models; and
  • 31% of young girls are starving themselves
  • Eight years old is the peak age for girls to have leadership ambitions. At that age, 44% of them want to be leaders, but the number drops as they get older.

What is happening?

This is from a well researched film called Miss Representation, made by a Sundance film maker. Watch the clip and help me think about how we adults can help create a realistic and loving world for our girls and for boys, too.

Having watched this clip, what is one thing you are going to do now?


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