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Pay the school + Pay the child

Posted by on September 24, 2012

Pay the school + Pay the child

by Moment Matters

Educating a child is more expensive than once thought.

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You pay the tuition, you pay his clothes, and you pay for his food. To get more benefit out of school, you should also pay your child for going to school.

Ambitious study of Harvard economist Roland Fryer Jr. paid $6.3 million to 18,000 students to testify his lead towards the education policy, classified as “one of the more rigorous studies ever” (Ripley, 2010).

Students who are paid to merely attend school, like a day job, significantly fared better in their academics, as measured by standardized tests. Money as an incentive is a pliable motivator; as for these children, money is sweets, is games, is shoes, and is cool stuff. They want that.

I’d want that. I wish I was also paid to go to school. If all parents did, all students will be rich! Of course it will make students work for it, especially those that are in their teenage years as money is independence. This may also mean training them for the harsh real world, that you hardly see “free work”, that work is done in exchange of money.

Medley of questions in my head challenged the results, even if I accepted the verity of the study. Couldn’t we see any other motivator other than money? If this was implemented, would they really like to learn, which is a never-dying process; or will they stop trying to learn when there’s no one paying them anymore? And are standardized tests the only measure of intelligence, forcing them to like science and math and disregarding arts or athletics?

And would you pay your child to go to school?

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