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Did You Know?

Posted by on February 21, 2013

Fun Facts for this Thursday: 

Did you know that 11% of people are left handed?

Did you know the average person falls asleep in 7 minutes?

Did you know a bear has 42 teeth?

Did you know an ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain?

Did you know 85% of plant life is found in the ocean?

Did you know the Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters?

Did you know the most commonly used letter in the alphabet is E?

Did you know the least used letter in the alphabet is Q?

Did you know the 3 most common languages in the world are Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English?

Did you know dreamt is the only word that ends in mt?

Did you know the names of all continents both start and end with the same letter?

Did you know a cat has 32 muscles in each ear?

Did you know the only continent with no active volcanoes is Australia?

Did you know the longest street in the world is Yonge street in Toronto Canada measuring 1,178 miles?

Did you know Koalas sleep around 18 hours a day?

Did you know the sentence “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” uses every letter in the English alphabet?

Did you know the Grand Canyon can hold around 900 trillion footballs?

Did you know all the blinking in one day equates to having your eyes closed for 30 minutes?

Did you know your foot has 26 bones in it?

Did you know the average human brain contains around 78% water?

Did you know your brain uses between 20 – 25% of the oxygen your breathe?

Did you know frogs can’t swallow with their eyes open?

Did you know elephants are the only mammal that can’t jump?

Did you know a hummingbird’s heart beats at over a 1,000 times a minute ?

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