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Thursday’s Fun Facts

Posted by on March 7, 2013

Fun Facts for Thursday

Did you know if you filled a matchbox with gold it could be flattened into a sheet the size of a tennis court?

Did you know Jamaica has 120 rivers?

Did you know the only animals that purr are cats?

Did you know white cats with blue eyes are usually deaf?

Did you know cats have a peripheral vision of 285 degrees?

Did you know small dogs usually live longer than larger breeds?

Did you know domestic cats dislike citrus scents?

Did you know cats can jump up to 7 times their tail length?

Did you know The Great Wall of China is approximately 3,995 miles long?

Did you know rubber bands last longer when kept refrigerated?

Did you know women blink twice as much as men?

Did you know ostriches don’t bury their heads in sand?

Did you know only female mosquitoes bit?

Did you know the past tense for the English word ‘dare’ is ‘durst’?

Did you know hummingbirds can’t walk?

Did you know wind doesn’t make a sound until it blows against an object?

Did you know the naming of tropical storms and hurricanes officially began in 1953?

Did you know almonds are members of the peach family?

Did you know an egg contains every vitamin except vitamin C?

Did you know duck eggs are the largest eggs in the world?

Did you know owls can’t move their eyes from side to side?

Did you know flamingos can bend their knees backwards? 

Did you know you take over 23,000 breaths everyday?

Did you know ants stretch when they wake up in the morning?

Did you know tennis was originally played with bare hands?

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